The Importance of Updating Business Security Camera Systems

Security cameras are a great way to keep your business and your employees safe. They are an effective deterrent to would-be criminals and the footage can be used to help catch criminals is a crime does occur. However, old outdated security camera systems will not provide a business with the level of security it needs. On this page were going to discuss the importance of updating business security camera systems.

Over the years, technology has improved dramatically and the same types of improvements we have seen in computers and consumer audio and video products have also taken place when it comes to business security camera systems. Some of the larger Manufacturers of security camera equipment, like Rugged Cams, have led the way with many new features and capabilities that were not available even just a few years ago.

The days of grainy images with videos that would make it nearly impossible to identify a criminal are gone. Or at least they should be. If you are still using old equipment, you should seriously consider upgrading. Today there are high definition cameras that are capable of getting crystal-clear images from hundreds of feet away. The video is recorded on DVR’s, or digital video recorders, rather than VHS tapes. High-quality DVR’s can store huge amounts of high-quality audio and video.

In addition to digital video recorders, today’s business security camera systems can also use FTP, or file transfer protocol, to store data off-site. This is valuable as a way to back up the data on your DVR and also to prevent a smart criminal from destroying the evidence if they commit a crime. Security systems that use FTP can also send you pictures via e-mail when there is movement detected in an area that should be secure.

Many of today’s business security camera systems also give users the option of remote viewing. You don’t have to be sitting in front of a monitor on location to see what’s going on in your business. Remote viewable systems give you the option to see what your cameras are seeing by logging onto your computer or by using a tablet, cell phone or some other mobile device. Now you can keep an eye on your business when you are at home or away on vacation.

Technology has come a long way in recent years and there have been tremendous improvements in security technology and in the technology we use to record and store data. If the security of your business is important to you, then you should seriously consider updating an outdated systems.

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